Happy New Year lovely people.Its a new year can not beleive how fast 2016 has braced our presence :


=> Feed my Faith And Starve My Doubts
=>Be Better
=> Happiness
Well alot has been happening with me..handling alot of projects..working with a big music label 💃✋Yaas!  soon to be out.Well this is the biggest reason why i needed to dedicate my entire energy on music … that’s why yall missed my blogging plus also was working on a better blogging year will share with yall soon.
Anyway am back now ….God Is Always and forever faithful cant be more happy sweethearts lets just say 2015 has been a fruitful year 💁;):)
You always have to prove those who doubt you wrong ..and always move in silence keep those haters guessing and cursing :):) mungu ni yule yule jana leo na kesho …..not forgetting to Thank My Boyfriend who has been a big supporter and fan in all my endavours plus all the important people in my life God Bless You
Ps Anniversary Alert🙌💃💃

Thankyou for stopping by Love yall💋💋


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