Senegalese Twists Using Yarn

Hey Loves Its Sunday. I promised to Lay out My Hairstyle details and Am Here to fulfil it 😘😘 I missed you all





I used one packet of thick yarn which was expensive as one cost 180/= so I had options I went to town and bought three full bundles of 5 rolls of yarns in each bundle ended up using only four rolls in the bundle of black yarns and one Maroon roll in the bundle of the maroon ones šŸ˜€
Why didn’t I make them long?? I felt bad that I couldn’t be able to make them long coz I hadn’t figured out the best place that could bring out the long size during the cutting of the yarn because I wanted all of them to fall at the same length but I will for sure repeat braiding this yarn longer one of these days 🙌:D
Do I still love them? Absolutely they are everything they just bring out Uniqueness and they are absolutely light nothing heavy like braids:'(:'(:mrgreen:😁
How to burn the ends? Your salonist should Tie them absolutely tight at the bottom then chop off the remaining yarn with a nice pair of sharp scissor then use water and a candle when burning them soak your fingers in water to Soothe the ends for smooth and neat look😘😘😘
Till next time 😘😘

Thanks for passing by😘😘


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