Sunday Standard (Classic Chic)

Hey loyal Readers😘😘😘😘 my weekend was great hope you also had a great one despite of the shutdown and the network being a bit scumpy😂😂
So I got to compile these five looks with Scarlet Nduta and the amaizing hilarious felixkavii …it was a fun shoot we really Had a great time 😀

All those calls and texts when you guys couldn’t reach me I appreciated all of the kind words and motivating messages am greatly humbled by every effort I also want to thank My Ever supporting boyfriend Abel I Love you 😘💋 ….


1.Classic Chic
2.Urban Chic
3.Vintage chic
4.Boho Chic
5.Highstreet Chic

Those Are the looks I pulled out Hope You Grabbed your copy or rather Grab Yours no before Its Late;););)😘



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